Pisces North Node

Pisces North Node

A North Node in Pisces is a North Node yearning “to go home to the depths of inspiration”. This lifetime is a time to shed over-analytical thoughts, stoicism, and perfectionism found in Virgo, and to embrace the visionary and ingenious ideas coming forth from Pisces. Depending on house, this will show where this will need to unfold to bring the best soul experience for you in this lifetime. This is the last North Node, and there seems an urgent karmic pull/need to move towards this path as soon as possible. Most North Node Pisces natives tend to feel this North Node quite early, as Pisces energy permeates all crevices it encounters.

This North Node can be a difficult path, as the elements are a little different — you are shedding mutable Earth and growing into mutable Water. Mutable Water is hard to grasp and to understand, it’s not surprising that people with this placement need time to charter a life path, because its not always visible or recognizable. Mutable Water is changeable and adaptable, but inconsistent and elusive. In a prior life, you were use to the flexibility of your environment, but Earthy Virgo was solid, grounded, and dependable. You had security in your realism, thoughts, and facts. Now that you have a Pisces North Node you are not so sure anymore, it feels almost dangerous but you are some how drawn to this foggy viewpoint. Water shifts, changes, and has no physical support. You can no longer hide behind your logic, books, papers, and research as you did in prior lives, you must come into this World and truly feel, intuit, and respond to the World in full receptive mode. Both Virgo and Pisces are charitable and caring signs, this was transferred from your Virgo South Node, but instead of just being of service to others, the Pisces North Node wants you to be involved with whole-heart and soul — to feel emotion of the cosmos and in turn to respond to it, not shut it out. Virgo can be self-critical and feel inner guilt for not obtaining certain success, these tendencies also can be a problem for Pisces North Node people, as deep down they are perfectionist and critical of themselves. These feelings will need to be turn into compassion for oneself and others on a more deeper level.

The Pisces North Node native needs life experiences, intrigue, whimsy, imagination, creativity, and perception; this should be a strong life path focus. One must not think they should entirely discard their South Node, in fact the South Node can help you to realize these goals as you have these South Node traits in spades. Using your Virgo South Node can create stability as you learn to trust your intuition and move forth without a life preserver.

Just like the dolphin that frolics and play in the ocean, you too must learn to transcend this life, and see the beauty in just being here.


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